Our About

We have a proven record of making best in providing demand driven training in Afghanistan as well as expertise in developing our own successful products to Increase employment opportunities for Afghan men and women. We focus on mid-career/semi-professional workers as our priority for your business to grow and increase in knowledge, output rate, management, skills, and other capabilities of an organization through acquisition, incentives, technology, and/or training. We coach and train CEOs and other top managers on your demand. We are a Solution-Driven organization with customized program dedicated to the essence of training and development.

Vision :

Smart LandWalk Management Consultancy is the company of promise and possibilities. Each day represents that we have a new chance to share Our Vision, live Our Purpose.

Mission :

We question the present expectation that all normal youth man and woman will reenter the job market at a relatively Major level. This, in itself, is the acceptance into management or professional training courses, and to the very possibility of equality of opportunity or real choice, for all.

CEO and Founder Message

Smart LandWalk Management Consultancy Services Lead by Abdul Shukoor RashidEstablished in 2015 andoffers a comprehensive range of training and education resources designed to deliver knowledge straight to the people who need it most in Afghanistan especially for private and public sectors. We offer access to quality training courses and providers who are aligned with individual learning and development models. We’re also able to draw on our considerable expertise as a global Demand Driven training provider in several specialized areas. This shows in the way we do business with our customers. Our training courses can be customized to suit the particular needs of employers, employees, job seekers and government agencies. We carefully consider work environments, specific day-to-day tasks and challenges, and then devise a bespoke training program that will achieve your goals