What Smart LandWalk Business Consultancy Can provide for your business? 1. Corporate Consulting 2. Corporate Training 3. Business Guidance 4. Entrepreneur Consultancy 5. Translation and Interpretation Services 6. Project Development 7. Benchmarking Services 8. Marketing Advising 9. Management and Leadership Education 10. Employee Evaluations and Assessments & much more.


Smart LandWalk Services Include Our Services has a lineup of experienced specialists and provides unique and practical comprehension services in each are including Community Empowerment, Community Enterprise, Productive Skills Training for Economic Empowerment, Professional Training, Micro-finance, Community Development Planning, Proposal Writing, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Facilitating Learning, Empowerment, Peace Building and Conflict, Fund raising, Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Management, Participatory Learning and Action Planning (PLAP). We assist our clients in resolving a broad range of management tasks, including meeting diversified their needs and strengthening services, responding to change in the business Environment and enhancing competitiveness, and making operations more efficient.


What Do We Want? 1. Youth Empowerment 2. Jobs Opportunity 3. Economic Growth 4. Women toward true equality 5. Afghanistan’s economic growth 6. To ensure equality of opportunity in employment and education .


Higher Education – Bachelor and Master Degrees in Turkey Smart LandWalk Consultancy Team joined hands with education Providing companies to provide assistance to study in Turkey offering undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees at leading and reputed universities. We can assist students for a range of merit scholarships; it can also assist high achievers in locating scholarships and funds and making a successful application to suit their higher study objectives. 1. Free career advisory 2. Fast track application processing. 3. Comprehensive Visa Guidance 4. Pre departure orientation 5. On arrival welcome facilities 6. Fewer funds required for Visa 7. Flexible part time work allowed – 20 hours per week We provide the best education guidance and facilities for Afghans in Turkey with a safe environment, world class educational facilities and English language instructions at very competitive rates. We assist international students who want to study in Malaysia by providing information on public and private sector universities that offer the courses of their choices.